David Cummings - Program Coordinator Resume Simple
A highly motivated, detail-oriented professional with a strong work ethic, and a willingness to learn new skills and experience. I am a team player, and a team player.
  • service, design, liaison, operations, administrative, quantitative, database, compliance, training, management, production, presentations, communication, community relations, filing, emergency response, implementation, organized, analysis, access, assisted living, coordination, planning, public heal
  • management, coordinator, service, case management
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    Program Coordinator

    Haverty'S Furniture

    • Duties include: planning, implementation, communication, education, logistics, and communication with the Director of operations, medical and administrative staff.
    • Assist in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the procurement of the public health service and the community.
    • Assist in the planning, implementation, and management of the organization's strategic Plan, including the development of policies and procedures, budgets, and communication plans.
    • Manage the procurement, documentation, and communication of all research and related activities, including the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the organization's policies and procedures.
    • Conduct administrative and managerial duties, including budget planning, budgets, and financial reporting. Responsible for the development of the organization's strategic Plan, and the annual budgets.
    • Serve as liaison between the public, the community, and the general public. Assist in the planning, implementation, and communication of the organization's policy and procedures.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Program Coordinator

    Sunrise Senior Living

    • Provide case management services to the community service providers and families. Attend weekly meetings with the Director of social services and the community.
    • Coordinate with the Coordinator of the department of health and wellness, including the development of a new program for the community.
    • Create and maintain a database of all data and information for the department. Assist in the development of the program.
    • Perform daily and weekly reports on the progress of clients and their families. Assist with the development of the program.
    • Prepare reports and other documents for the department. Prepares and maintains records of all activities. Ensure that the program is in compliance with the state and federal regulations.
    • Assist in the development of the program, including the preparation of materials, presentations, and other pertinent information.

 Morris Leslie Group 

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