Patricia Malec - Quality Assurance Analyst Resume Simple
A highly motivated, results-oriented, quality assurance professional with a proven record of success in the areas of software development, and project management.
  • communication, qa, quality assurance, linux, consolidation, application software, process improvements, integration, excel
  • integration, management, testing, quality assurance, reports
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Quality Assurance Analyst

    Vatterott College

    • Assisted in the integration of the new SAP system to the data management system. This was a part of the team that created a new process for the company.
    • Implemented process improvement initiatives to improve the quality of the data consolidation. I was the first point of contact for the QA team.
    • Worked with the team to implement a new process for data management and quality assurance. I also created a database for the entire organization.
    • Created a database to track and report on the status of the customer account. This was a problem solver for the organization.
    • Identified and implemented process improvements to streamline processes and improve efficiency by creating an Excel database to track and report data.
    • Developed a database to track and analyze the data for the organization. The result was a more efficient process.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25


    Mohawk Industries

    • Participated in the integration of the new system, including the creation of reports, and management of the testing of the system.
    • Worked with quality assurance to ensure that all the information was correctly recorded. (i.e., the amount of the amount of the invoices were not paid).
    • Managed the process of the new hire orientation and termination process. Provided training to the business users. This included the development of the new system, and the creation of the web based application.
    • Assisted with the development of the new system and created the user interface. Worked with the IT team to create a new process for the creation of a web based application.
    • Coordinated with the business to ensure that all the needs of the client were met. I was responsible for the development of the new and existing products.
    • Worked with the project team to develop and implement a new process to track and report on the status of projects.

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