Erin Taylor - Systems Engineer Resume Simple
I am a highly motivated individual with a strong work ethic, and a passion for helping others. I have a proven track record of success in the field of the health care industry.
  • product development, design, solutions, leadership
  • analysis, liaison, computer, architecture, leadership, robotics, design, research, mapping
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Systems Engineer

    University of Queensland

    • Participated in design and development of solutions. Collaborated with engineers to develop and implement new processes. Created and implemented a system for the quality control.
    • Provided technical support and leadership to the product development team. Developed and implemented new product lines. Managed the process of the project.
    • Geologist, and the National Guard of the U.s. EPA Superfund site. Responsibilities included: The development of a new method for the use of the power Point, and the use of the equipment.
    • Conduct and coordinate the construction of the soil and groundwater remediation systems. The project is a part of the environmental monitoring program.
    • Performed all aspects of the installation and maintenance of the equipment. Developed and implemented the design and maintenance of the company wide.
    • Provide support to the department of Defense and security forces, including the U.s., Canada, and the United states.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Senior Development Engineer

    Seneca Center

    • Created and implemented a comprehensive programming for the automotive industry. Developed and delivered presentations and data for the use of the computer software.
    • Design, programming, and analysis of prototype design and development. Management of the project and the installation of a new architecture.
    • Led the development of the research project for the design of the new product line and the integration of the existing software to support the design of the company.
    • Developed and implemented a new process for the design and management of the product line. I was able to develop and implement a new architecture for the use of the company.
    • Served as a project leader for the design and implementation of a new product development system for the company. Managed the management of the upstream process and automation.
    • Developed a project to create a new method for the use of the C-Cam, a software, and the management system.

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