Billie Dillahunt - Systems Administrator Resume Simple
Over 7 years of IT industry experience in system administration, DevOps engineer, Linux Administrator, and application support on Red Hat EL 5.
  • test, automation, grunt, tomcat, routing protocols, maven, monitoring, network, production support, chef, esxi, shell script, excel, apache, installation, java, remediation, linux, json, firewall, swift, tcp, vmware, vsphere, jenkins, nagios, net, unix linux, troubleshooting, weblogic, aws, unix, dy
  • test, automation, engineering, management, websphere, informatica, vms, deployment, server, monitoring, git, communication, jenkins, qa, windows azure, etl, developer, tomcat, architecture, chef, docker, application server, managed services, esxi, shell, weblogic, snmp, azure cloud, apache, bash, ti
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Systems Administrator

    The Institutes

    • Environment: Linux, Ubuntu, RHEL, VMware ESXi, and vSphere, AWS, OpenStack, AWS, EC2, S3, Route53, VPC, ELB, cloud Watch, Docker, Maven, Jenkins, Chef
    • Configuration and administration of Nginx, Apache, JBoss, Nginx, IBM WebSphere, WebLogic, Veritas cluster Server, Red Hat Linux, and troubleshooting.
    • Involved in installing and configuring AWS infrastructure using EC2, S3, Elastic load balancing, Auto scaling groups, Route53, VPC, ELB, CloudWatch, CloudFront, Route53, SNS, SQS, and IAM.
    • Administration and configuration of Nginx, Apache Tomcat, and Docker. Used Nagios for monitoring and performance tuning. Also, worked on TCP/IP, UDP, SSH, HTTPS, and UDP.
    • Used AWS cloud Watch to monitor the performance of EC2 instances, volumes, Route53, S3, web services, Vagrant, Docker, Vagrant, Splunk, troubleshooting, debug, configuration and file system issues.
    • Administration and configuration of Nginx, Apache, Tomcat, and Docker. Monitoring and tuning of networks and networks using Vagrant and Red Hat Linux.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    AWS/DevOps Engineer

    Alameda High School

    • Automation of AWS infrastructure provisioning EC2, S3, Route53, VPC, ELB, EBS, IAM, RDS, Elastic load Balancer, Auto scaling groups, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, CloudWatch, CloudFront, Amazon web
    • Worked on AWS EC2, S3, RDS, EBS, Elastic load Balancer, Auto scaling groups, cloud Formation, IAM, VPC, route 53, ELB, IAM, CloudFormation, Chef, Ansible, Maven
    • Migrated VMware VMs to AWS and managed services like EC2, S3 bucket, Route53, ELB, EBS, VPC, and Route53, DNS, Ansible, Chef, Vagrant, Jenkins, and Windows.
    • Involved in migration of middleware infrastructure environment to AWS EC2 instances using Chef, Ansible, and Jenkins, and deployed the automation services on Amazon web services (AWS).
    • Developed automation scripting in RHEL 5.0 and Windows servers like EC2, VPC, ELB, Auto Scaling, Route53, S3, RDS, Elastic load Balancer, Auto scaling groups, and OpsWorks.
    • Experience in DevOps migration tools like Ansible for creating EC2 instances, S3 storage, Route53, Elastic load Balancer, ELB, Auto Scaling, and deployment on EC2 instances.

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