Benjamin Cleveland - Webmaster Resume Simple
I am a highly motivated, results-oriented IT professional with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. I have worked in the design, development, implementation, testing, and maintenance of business Intelligence solutions.
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    • Maintain and troubleshoot computer software, including Windows 2003, 2008, and 2012 R2 servers. This includes the creation of new users, and assigning roles to the users.
    • Implemented Microsoft Windows Server 2008, including authentication, authorization, and web security, and Internet access, and databases.
    • Managed the installation of a Windows Server 2003, including Exchange 2010, and IIS for a multi-site, high availability, and a file system.
    • Implemented a web-based application to manage and maintain the company's website, including the administration of the database, and the management of the entire software stack.
    • Created a web application using and MySQL to provide a real time data for the client. IT was used to manage the entire website.
    • Created and maintained MySQL databases for the project. Implemented a web application to manage the entire website. This allowed the users to create a single page, and used the same.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Web Developer

    Key Energy Services

    • Developed a web-based application to allow clients to create a social media management system to manage the email and user access to the front end.
    • Used PHP to create a real-time search engine that allows users to view and display data from the client, and then to make IT easier to navigate to the website.
    • Designed and developed a new client-based reporting system for the company. I was responsible for the development of the front end and the backend of the software.
    • Used Visual Studio to create a new website for the clients and to make the reports more interactive and dashboards were sent to the client.
    • Developed a new website for the company. Worked on the front end of the application to be used to create a social media player network.
    • Worked on a team of developers to design and develop a new web application to allow clients to access their computers, and to provide a blog.

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