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A software engineer with over 7 years of experience in designing and developing rich user interface applications, integrating with various databases and client-Server applications in iPhone/iPad (iOS, Android NDK, Java, XML, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, JSON, and
  • ipad, c#, project, xamarin, iphone, com, server, apple, maintenance, perforce, mobile, mechanical, ios, android
  • test, project, xcode, rtc, frameworks, apple, implementation, unit testing, basis, mobile, design, writing, business process, agile, banking, payments, uikit, foundation, cases, com, test cases, credit, soap ui, soap, can, supervising, solution design, ui, telephony, security, ios, testing, web serv
  • 2017-12-182017-12-18

    Sr. Ios Developer

    Maricopa Community Colleges

    • Developed a mobile app for iPhone and iPad using Xamarin Studio and C#. This application was used to create a server-side and the maintenance of the application.
    • I have worked on Android Studio, Apple, Xcode, Perforce, and other tools to develop the project.
    • Created a custom iOS app to display the photos of the application and to show the details of the user.
    • Used WPF to build and deploy the application in the application. Worked on the MVVM pattern. Used WCF to create and manage the applications.
    • Worked on the Windows communication Foundation (WCF) and WPF for the application. This is a Windows service that provides a real time data to the client.
    • Used WPF to build the application with the help of Storyboard and user controls. Used the MVVM pattern to create a manageable structure.
  • 2017-12-182017-12-18

    Sr. Ios Developer

    Best Buy

    • Worked on Agile project, which includes UI, UX, web services, user interface, test case, and implementation of the application.
    • Involved in all stages of software development lifecycle from requirement gathering to project, writing test cases and creating the user stories using the framework.
    • Worked on mobile app testing framework using Perfecto mobile and IBM simulator. The project was able to test the user interface with the internet.
    • Involved in the complete application development using Xcode and instruments. The objective was to develop the user interface for the project.
    • Experience in working with core banking framework and developed iPhone and iPad for Internet application. Used Swift for the project.
    • Developed a complete application for iPhone and Android using Xcode and instruments for the app framework. The objective was to provide a rich user interface for the users.

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