Rod Moore - Project Manager Resume Simple
I am a highly motivated, detail-oriented pharmacist with a strong background in the field of pharmacy. I have a passion for learning and growing professionally within the healthcare industry.
  • social media, manager, marketing, operations, increase
  • inventory, documentation, medical
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Project Manager

    Laney College

    • Served as a resource to the Director of operations and the community to increase the efficiency of the program. The program Manager was a top-level staff.
    • Marketing, networking, and communication with local businesses, government agencies, and other organizations. Also, I have been able to be a member of the community.
    • Provide social media and support to the community and the public. Create and maintain a positive and healthy work environment.
    • Assist with the development of new and existing designs for the company. Develop and implement the quality control program.
    • Managed and maintained the MMR,000,000,000, and A-day schedule for the entire company.
    • O developed and implemented a new process for the implementation of the first aid program. Responsible for the construction, maintenance, and training of all personnel.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Clinical Assistant

    Schneider Trucking

    • Inventory, order medical supplies, and documentation of all medications. Maintain accurate records of all patients. Provide support to the physician.
    • Obtain vital signs, height, weight, and blood pressure. Assist with patient examinations. Collect and prepare specimens for laboratory analysis.
    • Manage all aspects of patient care, including but not limited to, scheduling, insurance verification, and billing.
    • Assist with procedures such as IUD insertions, colposcopies, endometrial biopsies, cryo- freezing, and other nerve conduction studies.
    • Assist with the development of the curriculum and the program for the department. Provide support to the staff in the areas of the clinical practice.
    • Ensure that all the work is completed in a timely manner. Maintain and update the company's policies and procedures.

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