Eva Isom - Lead Engineer Resume Simple
Seeking a position as a web developer where I can utilize my skills and experience to enrich the environment of the organization. As a team player, I am willing to learn new technologies and contribute to the growth of the organization.
  • jsp, sass, java, front end, grunt, test, best practices, mvc, js, web, translation, full stack, design, agile development, jasmine, jquery, integration, programming, agile, pair programming, subversion
  • javascript, com, social media, marketing, open source
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Lead Engineer

    Pontificia Universidad Peru

    • Involved in Agile Scrum methodology using Jasmine and Karma, Chai, Mocha, JavaScript, JQuery, and HTML5.
    • Worked with QA team to design and develop web applications using Ruby on Rails, SASS, HTML5, CSS, and TDD, and continuous integration.
    • Worked with front end developers and project managers to develop and maintain a strong working knowledge of Agile methodologies, including pair programming, TDD, refactoring, code reviews, unit tests, and Jasmine.
    • Developed a web application using HTML5, CSS, JQuery, AJAX, and MVC, and used Agile development practices to develop test plans.
    • Developed the complete application by using React JS, Flux for SPA development and easy mock-ups. Also, used RESTful services for creating the user interface using HTML5, CSS.
    • Developed a Java application using the Drupal 8.x, which is used by the entire team. This included writing the code for the new features.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Front End Engineer

    General Labor

    • Implemented the social media application using HTML, and CSS. Developed a new website to be used by the company.
    • Created a new website using HTML, and CSS to improve the performance of the application. The application was developed in a fast paced environment.
    • Designed and developed a new website using Java, JavaScript, and HTML. Worked on open source code for the company.
    • Developed a custom application to allow users to create a single page and multi-page applications. Used the search engine to search the results of the website.
    • Created a custom Endur application to allow the sales team to create a new website for the company. This allowed the marketing to be used to display the content.

 Kenney Marketing and Advertising, Inc.