Steven Picklesimer - Lead Engineer Resume Simple
I am a dedicated, hard working, and self-motivated individual with a strong work ethic, and a passion for helping others.
  • engineering, leadership
  • management, transportation, dot, audits, emergency response, quality, hazardous materials, compliance, planning, hazmat, safety, solutions, leads
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Lead Engineer

    Peak Performers

    • Assist in the development of engineering plans for the company. Work with the project managers to ensure that the project is in compliance with the environmental requirements.
    • Provides leadership and direction to the project managers and other team members. Assist in the development of the project plan.
    • Conducted environmental monitoring of soil and groundwater sampling and remediation projects. Coordinated with the project Manager to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
    • Conducts field investigations and environmental monitoring of soil and groundwater remediation projects. Responsible for the management of the air Force base and the construction of the EPA.
    • Lead Scientist for the development of a new method for the implementation of a new water system. I was responsible for the installation of a groundwater monitoring wells.
    • Performs all aspects of environmental protection and safety programs. Including the construction of the soil, groundwater, surface water, and soil vapor sampling.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Environmental Coordinator

    C.R. Bard

    • Perform environmental audits of the water and wastewater permits, and ensure compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations, and the environmental and hazardous waste.
    • Develops and maintains environmental and safety plans, including but not limited to, quality assurance, ergonomics, and hazardous materials.
    • Oversight of the procurement of all environmental and environmental permits for the U.s. Army Corps of engineers (USEPA ), and the National and international level of transportation.
    • Performs environmental assessment of the natural gas, water, and land sampling facilities. Coordinates the remediation of the air Force base, and provides guidance to the site.
    • Water quality sampling (OSHA), EPA, state, and federal environmental inspections. Developed and implemented corrective actions.
    • Conducts environmental compliance audits and transportation of the natural resources. The company is a certified industrial hygiene program. I have been responsible for the construction of the facility.

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