Donna Webb - Lead Engineer Resume Simple
To obtain a position in the field of information technology, where I can utilize my skills and experience in the field of the organization.
  • database, training, hr, information security, integration, security, leadership, server, organization, it, metrics, solutions, engineering, investigations
  • database, email, security, intranet, business continuity, sharepoint, information security, server, implementation, leadership, organization, it, research, engineering, analysis
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Lead Engineer

    East Texas Medical Center

    • Assist in the development of a new cyber security system. Responsible for the creation of a database for the organization.
    • Worked with the IT team to develop and implement a new cyber security intranet. Developed and implemented a web-based application for the onboarding process.
    • Provided leadership and training to new hires on the benefits of the company intranet. This included the development of a new web based application, which was used to track and report on the company's intranet.
    • Develop and implement solutions for the integration of the new cyber security system. Provide support to the business users and the technical team.
    • Manage the HR and benefits department, including the development of a new employee, and the creation of a new reporting system to provide the highest level of quality management.
    • Work with the business and the management team to develop and implement a new customer service program. Provide support to the VMware and the global network.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    IT Security Engineer/Manager

    Utilization Management

    • Work with IT to develop and implement a new intranet site for the organization. This includes the design and implementation of a web based application, which allows for more efficient and effective management of the business.
    • Work with IT to ensure that all information is in compliance with Cisco requirements. Create and maintain intranet site, email, and fax.
    • Perform quality assurance analysis of the data security management database and the disaster recovery system. Conduct research and provide technical support to the leadership team.
    • Manage and maintain SharePoint site for all business continuity and server management. Ensure that all users are in compliance with the requirements of the FDA.
    • Provide support to engineering and business owners on the development of new products and services. Work with the team to develop and implement a new process.
    • Work with the business to develop and implement a new system for the company. The project is to be used to provide the support and support to the team.

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